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CrossFit is a fitness methodology that combines elements of gymnastics, weightlifiting, and conditioning into a single program. Workouts are continually varied to keep you body guessing and never allow for adaptation. This approach produces measurable, undisputed results.

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Join us for a workout that will leave your body burning calories for up to 36 hours! Our Bootcamp class is a 60-minute class designed to use simple and effective movements to get you in the best shape of your life! We remove complex gymnastics and weightlifting movements to make the class accessible to all ability levels.

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Middle School and High School

Our Middle School / High School program is a strength and conditioning program designed for athletes interested in working out with their friends in a fun, safe, and effective environment. Through the continual development of conditioning, explosive power, strength, speed, agility and mental fortitude, our athletes have taken their on-field performance to the next level.

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Kids Fitness

The goal of the Pennant Kids’ Fitness Program is to instill in this and future generations of children a positive association with exercise, a desire to be fit, and a goal to live a long healthy life. There is no secret that childhood obesity it becoming a major health and social issue. By teaching children at an early age that exercising can be fun and exciting we want to break this cycle.

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Nutrition is the base of our “fitness pyramid”, making it the foundation upon which the other aspects stand. For many of us it’s also a major source of confusion. It’s easy to prescribe Paleo for quality and Zone for quantity, slap a 30-day timeline on it for willpower purposes and call it a day. But we all know that a nutrition plan requiring willpower is a recipe for disaster, and a few 30-day challenges sprinkled within a nutritional free-for-all will crumble our pyramids.

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Personal Training

Taking the first step to improving health and fitness is a daunting challenge. We have all been there. You find yourself asking questions like ‘where do I start?’ or what program should I follow?’ Our personal training program is designed to make that process easier and to answer those questions before they arise.

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Kids Birthday Parties

Bring the kids, presents, and dessert; we will take care of the rest!

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