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The Pennant CrossFit Nutrition Program is intended to educate, provide accountability, and produce sustainable, long-term results.

Nutrition is the base of our “fitness pyramid”, making it the foundation upon which the other aspects stand. For many of us it’s also a major source of confusion. It’s easy to prescribe Paleo for quality and Zone for quantity, slap a 30-day timeline on it for willpower purposes and call it a day. But we all know that a nutrition plan requiring willpower is a recipe for disaster, and a few 30-day challenges sprinkled within a nutritional free-for-all will crumble our pyramids.

We all lead different lifestyles, have different goals, preferences, and intolerances, and nutrition is far more nuanced than the general approaches allow for. Our diets need to be as unique as we are and they need to afford us flexibility, adaptability, sustainability, and the results we want. The Pennant CrossFit nutrition program will address all of these aspects.

Nicole Torres

Nicole Torres

Nutrition Coach

Contact: Nicole@pennantcrossfit.com


Cost: $45/half-hour | $75/hour