Looking to optimize results and achieve your fitness goals? The scale doesn’t tell the full story.

We often hear members saying they want to “lose weight” or “get in better shape”.

This is often a vague term and can sometimes conflict with what you are trying to accomplish. Once we strike up a conversation and learn more about a client’s goal, we usually come to find that they want to have the ‘six-pack abs’, a flat stomach, or decrease their body fat percentage.

The InBody body composition test gives us an accurate baseline as well as a consistent measurement of progress. If we just simply rely on the scale, we are missing the bigger picture.

For example, if you have never worked out, there is a chance you will put on a couple pounds of muscle when you introduce exercise into your daily routine. If you gain 2-3 pounds of muscle and lose 6 pounds of fat in a month, you can become extremely frustrated just looking at the numbers. However, using the InBody will allow you to dig deeper into those numbers and see that you have significantly impacted your body composition. Most important, you know you are doing the right things and going in the right direction.

Quick, simple, and non-evasive

The InBody test is 15 seconds and measures fat, muscle, and water levels. No awkward pinching. No discomfort. No water tank or submersion involved.

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