You’re Journey Starts With A Single Step

Taking the first step to improving health and fitness is a daunting challenge. We have all been there. You find yourself asking questions like ‘where do I start?’ or what program should I follow?’ Our approach is designed to make that process easier and to answer those questions before they arise.

Step 1: One-on-one Meeting

During step 1, our coaches will meet with you to learn your specific goals and motivations, understand where you experienced problems in the past, and work with you to determine a specific course of action for meeting your goals.


Step 2: Choosing Your Path

Based on discussions during our initial meeting, our coaches will make a recommendation on how to get started. To get started, we offer 3 options:

Private Training
Best for clients who prefer to train in a private setting. This will allow you to follow an individualized program that aligns specifically with your goals.

Endurance Program
Maybe you’re not feeling ready for CrossFit classes but would like to get there one day, or you are just looking for a low-impact, high intensity workout without the high skilled, complex movements that are common in traditional CrossFit classes.

Elements Program
Our Elements Program is an introductory program for anyone new to CrossFit and is looking to join our group CrossFit classes. The program is designed to allow for initial assessment and successful transition to group classes.

The program consists of 3, 70-minute classes that are completed in a private 1:1 or 2:1 client-to-coach setting. We will introduce you to our movements, methodology, nutrition, mobility, and warm-up protocols. Each class covers different topics and ends with a workout. Upon completion of the 3 sessions you will be able to attend group classes.


Step 3: The Pennant Proven Process

This process has been most successful at producing sustainable, long-term results for our clients. The three components of the process are: Education & Support, Nutrition, and Training. When the three overlap, our clients make amazing progress!

Training: Private Training, CrossFit, and Endurance

Nutrition: Pennant CrossFit Nutrition Program
Our Nutrition Program is ongoing throughout the year and is tailored to your individual needs. You can visit our nutrition page for more information.

Education and Support: Pennant CrossFit Quarterly Meetings
These are free, 30-minute meetings with a coach of your choice. The meeting is designed as an opportunity to discuss your progress, goals, and what we can do to help you continue to remain successful on your journey! From this meeting, we will design a proper plan of action and provide you with the necessary resources.

Schedule a No Sweat Intro


Never tried CrossFit but you are curious about what we do? Our Bring a Friend Day Classes are a perfect first step!

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, all classes are open to non-members. These workouts are designed for ALL ability levels. Don’t know a member? No problem, come on by!