Brian Siet

The community at Pennant Crossfit is like no other with the way the members and coaches support and encourage each other.  For me, it is about being accountable, not quitting during team exercises, and not quitting on myself.

Steve Dodman

I really appreciate the expert advice, insight and personal attention of the coaches and the encouragement of the fellow athletes.

Dave Fialkow

CrossFit is an hour of my day where I put aside all of my outside stresses. I am able to turn off my problems (or take them out on the barbell).

John D’Allessandro

A great 60-minute workout of pushing your body and mind to another level. I never experienced that while going to other gyms.

Jackie Avery

We’re all here for the same reason: to get healthier. Each person works just as hard as the next, and everyone has to start somewhere.

Nate Repucci

I’m now almost 4 years into CrossFit, and I’m in the best shape of my life (I swear I keep saying this every year).