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Achieving Greatness Through Community and Fitness

About Pennant


Our philosophy is simple: we want to help you succeed! Our team of coaches will work with you to create a plan that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Our community will inspire you to challenge boundaries and achieve new standards. Whether you are a professional athlete or this is your first time exercising, there is a place in our community for everyone.

We strive to be better everyday, encourage one another to push boundaries, and support each other regardless of our fitness levels. Through persistence and continual effort we become better, together.

Become your ‘Ideal Self’


The concept of the ‘Ideal Self’ is built around who you want to become. Everyone has a different vision, and our goal is to come up with a plan to help you achieve that vision.

Nutrition and Fitness should be viewed in the bigger context of our lives. The prescription you follow should align with the outcome you desire. We help you identify and implement the prescription that will best serve the vision your have created of your ideal self. It should be challenging, yet sustainable and rewarding.

Core Values

Pennant CrossFit is committed to the success of our clients and we strive to nurture an environment that is supportive of all members. Our community-based strength and conditioning program will inspire you to challenge boundaries and achieve new standards. Whether you are a professional athlete or this is your first time exercising, there is a place in our community for everyone.

The four core tenets that drive our decisions are


Our coaches are both knowledgable and passionate.

Our staff will help you reach your goals and provide an experience that makes your time in the gym the best hour of your day.

Daniel Rogan

Daniel Rogan

Owner, Coach

I found CrossFit in December 2011 and, from the start, my passion for CrossFit was natural. At the time I was 22, in my first year of law school, and questioning the career path I had chosen. A week after watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN, I joined an affiliate in Boston and have never looked back.

Although my competitive nature drew me to CrossFit, I fell in love with coaching. I began to appreciate the role of the coach, and the positive, profound influence they can have on clients. As a result, I decided to leave school and pursue a path with CrossFit.

Over the past four years CrossFit has afforded me the opportunity to learn from amazing coaches, train with the best athletes in the world, work with incredible clients who challenge themselves every day in the gym, and form lifelong friendships with people who I would have, otherwise, never had the opportunity to meet.

CrossFit has come to represent a way of life for me. It means challenging your boundaries everyday, and never settling. I believe in the philosophy and methodology, and our focus is enriching people’s lives through CrossFit.

Ali Rogan

Ali Rogan

Business Manager

I found CrossFit in June of 2010. At the time, I was in school full time studying to be a registered nurse. I was bored with my regular gym routine and struggled to dedicate the time to workout. From the moment I stepped into the CrossFit gym I knew I had found something unique and amazing. The energy in that gym was nothing like any other typical gyms I had been to. The music was fun, the energy was high and there were a bunch of people there working on their fitness while having fun! All I could think about was how did I not know about CrossFit before? CrossFit is a place where all you have to do is show up and the rest is taken care of. The workout is already decided for you and there are knowledgeable coaches there to teach you how to move properly and guide you to reach your health and fitness goals. It was easy to get healthy and fit!

Shortly after I joined the gym I explored the competitive side of CrossFit. I competed on CrossFit New England team in 2012. While being a competitive athlete I also made a huge career change into the CrossFit world. I wanted to be a part of managing the business as well as teaching people about CrossFit and helping them reach their goals.

CrossFit is life changing. My favorite part about CrossFit is not only that it improves your health and fitness but it transfers over to other aspects of your life. It makes you want to work harder to be better at your job. It makes you want to be more efficient with your time. It reminds you that life is short and you should do all the things that you never thought you could do before. It makes you more confident emotionally and physically. CrossFit makes you want to be an overall better person. This is why I CrossFit and this is why I love teaching it.

Athletic Achievements:
1st Place CrossFit Games North East Regionals 2012 Affiliate Team

Rob Seymour

Rob Seymour


After being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition where the heart muscle is significantly weakened, I was quickly reminded of the importance of being healthy. At the time, it was difficult to climb a set of stairs without becoming winded. While the road to recovery was long, I began exercising at a globo-gym while my wife, Christine, repeatedly pestered me to try CrossFit. I finally agreed to try a class; I never completed the workout and had trouble walking for several days. Despite getting my ego crushed, I returned…and then I quickly became addicted! I joined CrossFit SOBO shortly after the box opened and was immediately drawn in to the community of passionate, committed members who value fitness and friendship equally. The notion of “Strength Through Community” was quickly ingrained.

For over a decade I coached various recreational and competitive sports teams for my children. It was an opportunity to spend with my girls, to give something back, and I genuinely loved coaching. As my daughters transitioned to high school and with CrossFit becoming an important part of my life, becoming a CrossFit coach seemed to be a natural progression. I became an L1 Trainer in January 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to coach members of my “extended family”. As a coach, my first priority is to ensure athletes are moving safely and properly. I firmly believe that an athlete’s ability to move in a safe manner is exponentially more important than the weight on the barbell or your time. I want athletes to have a positive experience every time they walk through those doors.

I am surrounded by fellow Crossfitters at home. I am married to Christine and we have two daughters, Julia and Kayla – all proud members of the box!

Mallory Frye

Mallory Frye

Coach / Nutrition Coach

Growing up in my family, we were raised playing sports; so, I have always been competitive and love being active. In high school during sports off seasons, my dad began to teach me the basics of lifting and working out. He was a big power lifter and into health and fitness ever since I can remember. It really clicked for me when I moved away from my home state. I started workouts at the YMCA alone, and eventually became a certified personal trainer and took on some very out of shape clients. My passion for changing lives began growing through this process as we continued to see positive results, but along the way I stepped foot into a CrossFit gym. Immediately, I fell in love. The camaraderie. The community. The energy. The results. I committed to the process right away. I started doing competitions for fun. Made so many great friends. I pushed harder than I ever had in workouts because of those around me and coaches encouraging me. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a coach. I wanted to have that positive influence on someone else’s life. I gained more confidence in myself and more knowledge in the health and fitness world in the last 3 years of CrossFit than ever in my life. I became stronger than I ever had been. I stopped caring about being “skinny” and aspired to be strong and healthy. My goals and view of myself began to change for the better.

Olympic weightlifting is my favorite aspect of CrossFit. I have competed in 2 Olympic weightlifting competitions and got a medal in both. But CrossFit pushes me like nothing else, there is always something to get better at. Always weaknesses to work on. But always little achievements to celebrate along the way. That is the journey I love, it’s just like life. Ups and downs, always something to work at, but always stop to celebrate the small things a long the way.

I hope to continue learning about nutrition and fitness overall. I hope to be a coach that helps someone else gain their self confidence back the way I did. I hope I can clearly communicate to people that CrossFit is not about the abs, and being shredded or eating strict paleo or making it to the CrossFit Games, but that health and fitness can be an enjoyable journey and we should all strive to be healthier and stronger for life, for your kids, for your parents, for yourself. I always told my clients, you can pay a little more to eat healthy now, or you can pay way more in medical bills down the road. Which investment would you rather make?

Kevin Dautel

Kevin Dautel


Growing up playing hockey from ages 4-18 I thought competitive sports were over after graduating high school. Luckily the Lord blessed me and I was able to find CrossFit. Going from the whole body building routine to a community that cares and loves each other, that bleeds and sweats next to each other has been a life changing experience. Being apart of this community and being able to walk into the gym everyday and love what I do is indescribable.

I graduated from Castleton State College majoring in Exercise Science. I love to coach and program for multiple CrossFit and Olympic lifting athletes in person and online. As a coach I am open minded, and willing to apply all coaching and techniques to help people become better athletes and healthier individuals. While at school I train CrossFit and Gymnastics with a retired competitive gymnast and coach. I was blessed the last two years to attend Powermonkey Fitness Camp in Crossville, Tennessee underneath Dave Durante and Chad Vaughn. Both olympians, one in Gymnastics and the other in Olympic Lifting, the information I was exposed to has been invaluable. I have been able to these experiences and apply what I learned to help members and clients on a daily basis.

I am a very strong believer in my faith, and believe in glorifying the Lord with everything I do. “Whether you eat drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” – 1st Corinthians 10:31.

Jeff Norton

Jeff Norton


I was always an active kid until my junior year of high school; at that time I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I went through a few rough years of just sulking with my illness and then I decided to try to get back into working out and set a goal for myself to try to play lacrosse in college. After playing for a term in college, I decided to try Crossfit at my local box. I instantly fell in love with not just the workout, but with the community feeling during the workout. Some may say, I drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid.

Although I love to compete,I learned my true passion was helping people. After getting my CF-L1 I began working in the fitness industry. My experience in Crossfit, Olympic Lifting & Strength training, as well as working with a broad range of clients to improve their quality of life has shaped my style of how I work with my current clients.

I made a commitment to myself that everything I do will be to help others achieve their long term health and wellness goals as well as showing people that going through some hard times does not define you. Rather it is how you respond and move past those rough times that will be what others remember.

Crossfit changed my life and has helped to give my life direction. I hope to be able to be a small part of how Crossfit could possible change you!

2016 National University & Under 25 Championship- 44 of 61
2016 Connecticut State Olympic Weightlifting Open- 2nd place

Cassie and Anne

Cassie and Anne