I’ve never considered myself an athlete….ever. A few years ago my husband suggested I start running for exercise. With that I started to set small goals for myself…3 miles, 5 miles, 8 miles. Last March, after completing 2 marathons and multiple half marathons, I found myself burned out and looking for a something new and completely different. I had heard about Cross Fit from a couple of people but it was a picture that Wendy Siet posted of Brian in a handstand that made me finally take that step, reach out and say, “tell me more!” In my head I was thinking…I want to do that!
When I first entered the gym in July, I was nervous and excited. I was so impressed with what everyone around me was capable of. Being a beginner is hard and I felt self-conscious, but all of the coaches made me feel comfortable and capable. Scaling didn’t feel like a copout, but more like an accomplishment. I was never intimidated….just inspired. The other major first impression was the community. This doesn’t feel like “the gym” where you are in your own private bubble and working out on your own. I love the team workouts, and feel like I’ve met so many great people. I’m still nervous and excited when I come to the gym, but my confidence has definitely increased.
I am working on improving so many things. I’d like to get stronger with kipping and work towards toes to bar. I’m also working to be more consistent with a higher box jump. Getting a double under felt huge! I can do 1 then a couple singles and another double under. I’d love to get 2 in a row sometime soon!
To anyone who thinks of trying CrossFit, I say go for it! Every workout is different pushing you to make and readjust your goals. It’s challenging but accessible to all athletes…and yes, when I’m at Cross Fit I do finally feel like an athlete!