I was first introduced to CrossFit through the kid’s class at CFNE.  My daughter just finished PT and I was looking for a kid’s exercise program to keep her active.  I did a Google search and the kid’s class at CFNE was one of the only options at the time.  I spent about a month watching the adult class saying to myself I could never do what they’re doing, everyone is so fit!  It was very intimidating but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and signed up for the Elements Class and six years later I have no regrets! I look forward to going to the gym.
When I started CrossFit I didn’t consider myself athletic.  I had run two marathons but hadn’t lifted weights.  I could barely lift the 15lb bar when I started but within a year I was able to deadlift 200lbs and clean 100lbs.  Over time I was able to do some workouts RX, it always makes me happy when I’m able to write those letters on the board.  Lately I’ve had an issue with my shoulder but the coaches are great about helping me to modify the workouts.  I am still working on mastering double unders.
If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit go for it!  Come to bring a friend day, you won’t regret it!  All the workouts can be modified to the athlete’s ability.  Pennant CrossFit is a great community with amazing coaches and athletes.