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“Pennant CrossFit has phenomenal coaches who really does care about helping you reach your goals! I absolutely LOVE this environment and community.”

– Raphael N.

“Every coach embodies the values that make a CrossFit box great; integrity, hard work ethic, and caring for the community. I’ve dropped in and been a member at other boxes and am proud to call this one home.”

– Liz C.

“Such a clean, fun, and welcoming gym and community!”

– Sarah R.

“The coaches put safety and technique first and meet you where you are regardless of your fitness level..from beginner to competitive athlete. The CrossFit programming at Pennant is widely varied and includes mobility, metabolic conditioning and strength training which keeps things exciting. The owner Dan Rogan and the rest of the leadership team at Pennant pays special attention to community building which creates a supportive and fun atmosphere. Hope to meet you there!”

– Steve D.

“Can’t say enough about the coaching, programming and the community at Pennant…all the coaches are so invested in bettering all of the members and it shows. They always have safety as their number one priority for all members. They truly make your time in the gym, the best hour of your day. On top of the great coaching, the community is unbeatable. Every one is there for each other, whether it’s supporting each other in a workout or supporting each others endeavors outside of the gym. There’s no better community and I am so thankful and glad to call them my Pennant family!”

– Cassie M.

“Great coaches and environment!!! I’m very happy be part of the community.”

– Luciana C.

“You should come to Pennant for the coaching alone; it’s that good. You’d be doing yourself an injustice to not give Pennant a try. Hell, just have a 10 minute conversation with Dan Rogan… and you’ll be impressed by his philosophy. He honestly cares about each and every single member like we are family. He and his coaches always have safety as their number one priority for all members and work to make you better than you could have imagined … both mentally and physically. And our community will be there every step supporting you as well. So trust me … don’t wait another minute, contact Dan … you can thank me later. See you at the 5:30am!!!”

– Nate R.

“The coaches and the community at Pennant are excellent.”

– Crystal M.

“Amazing and supportive group of people. From day one I felt like part of the family and coaches take the time to help you.”

– Amanda D

“Great people. Great coaching. Zero drama. It’s the best community in all of CrossFit. Hands down.”

– Rob O.

“Want to change your life for the better? Want to get far more physically, emotionally and mentally fit than you’ve ever imagined?… All you need to do is take the initiative to walk through the door, and there’s a community of like-minded people from all walks of life here to help hold you accountable to your goals. Stick with it… you will definitely see life changes you never thought possible and very likely forge lifelong friendships. With a little hard work and sacrifice, you may be watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN someday and think, “Hey… I can do that, too!” Just walk through that door and give it a try.”

– Mark V.

“Pennant CrossFit is a great community! The coaching is excellent! The coaches care about each athlete and want to help them achieve their individual goals. All the members are friendly and welcoming.”

– Annmarie D.

“I love Pennant! It’s so motivating to walk in for your workout where the community embraces you. Everyone is friendly and approachable. Where the coaches really want to know how you are feeling and to be sure you are ready to workout. Anyone can do these workouts. The coaches offer many scaling options to fit your abilities. No one is judged but everyone is encouraged! Fitness should be apart of your life and Pennant makes it fun!”

– Stephanie V.

Why Pennant CrossFit?

Our Foundation is the strength of our community.

Our Programs are driven by results.

Our clients inspire us to pursue Excellence.

We are dedicated to safe and effective fitness.

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